Power-Up Your Teamwork: How Bandai Namco Mobile Builds Stronger Teams 

Teamwork makes the dream work

It’s true, and before you cringe at the cliché, let us tell you that here at Bandai Namco Mobile (BNM) we take this saying to heart. Team building is a core element of our office culture. We understand the importance of working together to achieve our goals, and through various activities and events, we encourage our team members to collaborate, have fun, and build stronger relationships with one another. After all, we make games for a legendary company that wants to bring ‘fun for all into the future’; we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t add a layer of fun to everything.

At Bandai Namco Mobile, we believe that balancing a culture of continuous learning and improvement and creating a positive work environment is crucial to keeping everyone satisfied and ready to churn out some real productivity of the kind you don’t find in self-help books.

And let's be real, it doesn't hurt that we're located in one of Europe's biggest and most buzzing metropoles! Barcelona is like a candy store for culture vultures, with a world of art, music, and food just waiting to be discovered. And with our location close to other major European cities, the next weekend gateway is just a short flight or train away. Add to that the warm Mediterranean weather and you can imagine why we are always in such a good mood.


That’s why we take advantage of our location and organize events throughout the year to bring our teams together outside of work. For example, every March, we take a ski trip to Andorra or Cerdanya, where we can hit the slopes and then bond over hot cocoa in the chalet while caring for our Tamagotchi.

During the summer, we often plan trips to Costa Brava or organize beach and water activities next to our office building which is just a few steps from the beach. We take part in Barcelona-wide Padel tournaments where our colleagues can compete against other padelists from companies located in the city in a fun and friendly environment that doesn’t result in cursing bugs and unresponsive commands.


And this year we formed an awesome (#debatable) 5x5 football team to take part in a cross-publisher league, where we compete against colleagues from gaming companies like FunPlus, Ubisoft, King, and Scopely, no controllers involved.

Our events, however, have more to offer than just fun. They also play a crucial role in building a stronger, more connected team. By getting to know each other outside of work, we feel more comfortable sharing ideas and working together. We’ve seen firsthand how this approach inspires adaptability and innovation, and we’re constantly looking for new ways to encourage collaboration. Especially since we are part of the bigger Bandai Namco family, we've taken our team-building efforts to the next level: We regularly organize trips to Japan and also host our Japanese colleagues here in Barcelona, allowing us to immerse ourselves in different mindsets, build bridges that extend far beyond the workplace, and hone our skills in karaoke.  

But it’s not just the big events that make a difference. We hold regular team activities throughout the year that get everyone working together. Want to blow off some steam during lunch break? There is always someone up for a quick game of football, padel, or beach volley.

Love tabletop gaming? We have a monthly board game night where we can unwind after work and have some friendly competition (fun fact: did you know that there is an Elden Ring board game in the works?). Want to go a bit deeper in conversation? We also organize team lunches where employees from different teams can get together and chat about their work, their favorite games, their latest anime addiction, or just act like the Friki (‘geek’ in Spanish) they are and schedule a team outing to Galeries Maldá (yes, we have a place full of geek stores in Barcelona). In fact, we regularly just get together for impromptu dinner after work just because we like each other's company that much.


This approach to teamwork has had a significant impact on our office culture. Besides providing us with a space to relax and have fun together, it has also helped to create an atmosphere of trust and respect where everyone’s opinion is valued.

We believe that with the right attitude, even the most difficult tasks can be achieved with enough enthusiasm and support from our colleagues. And what better way to make sure everyone's on board than by having some fun together as a team?

Teamwork is essential to any successful endeavor, and there are many famous frameworks that emphasize the importance of collaboration. From Patrick Lencioni's Five Dysfunctions of a Team to Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, these theories have helped teams around the world understand how important it is for people to work together in order to achieve success. And if productivity books are not your forte, just think of our own in-house teamwork theory as a Tekken game evening with your friends where everyone has a certain task to fulfill: some are in charge of the pizzas, a couple search for that lost second controller between the sofa cushions, while the rest handle setting up the console. When everyone is doing their part, you'll have your console plugged, two controllers ready to be button-smashed, food to keep you going, and everyone having fun in no time!

The point is, when it comes to achieving success, having a unified team that's willing to work together is essential. And what better way to foster collaboration and build relationships than by having some fun together?

Whether it’s playing board games or going out on the slopes for skiing, team-building activities are a great way to bring colleagues closer together and encourage team spirit.

Teamwork is essential in the gaming industry, and we take it seriously here at Bandai Namco Mobile. We are powering up our teamwork every single day and we have each other to rely on. Why don’t you join us?

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Bandai Namco Mobile

Published: 24 May, 2023

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