Embark on an enchanting journey with Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom! 

An open mobile world of adventure, fun and friendship

Step into the vibrant and enchanting world of Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom, now live on Apple Arcade. Explore rich landscapes, engage in exciting quests, and experience the evolution of a beloved franchise in this captivating new adventure. 

On January 4th, a momentous occasion unfolded for mobile gamers and Tamagotchi enthusiasts worldwide as we launched Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom on Apple Arcade. This latest addition to the Tamagotchi family is an immersive universe where nostalgia meets the future, where community spirit blends with individual creativity, and where gaming also takes a stand for the environment (are you ready to recycle?). 

Here’s just a few of the amazing things you will be able to do in Tamagotchi Adventure Kindgom

Discover the beauty of the Tamagotchi Planet

The Tamagotchi world has grown, and it's vast, vibrant, and more interactive than ever. Imagine traversing the enchanting Patchi Forest or buzzing through the lively streets of Tamagotchi Town, the amazing theme park of GuruGuru town and the underground caves of Gotchi King Castle – all in dazzling 3D! Every corner of the Tamagotchi Planet teems with life, and the local biodiversity takes on a whimsical twist – think Sheeptchi grazing, Cowtchi mooing, and Beartchi roaming, each adding their unique charm to this vibrant world.  

Meet colorful characters and engage in captivating quests

Join forces with Mametchi and restore balance to a meteor-stricken Tamagotchi Planet. What was behind the disaster and how can Mametchi and his friends, the friendly glutton Kuchipatchi, the creative Memetchi, the bold Kuromametchi, and the kind-hearted Lovelitchi, save their planet? 

During their travels, they will meet over 300 characters, each with their own unique story to share, and quests to give to Mametchi and his friends. You will get to find lost items, scavenge rare mushrooms, craft much-needed accessories, and even repair Patchi Forest's famous hot springs and the giant rides of Guruguru park! You may even have to race in your own TamaCar… 

Go through the Royal Trials

In Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom, achievements are not just a sidebar to your journey. The Royal Trials reward you with valuable in-game content at each milestone and will let you explore every nook and cranny of the Tamagotchi Planet.

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Personalize your experience through crafting

The depth of Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom extends to its interactive and customization features. You will have the freedom to design and personalize your personal camp (and eventually… house!), craft unique items, and style your characters. 

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Use your tools to gather natural resources. Find blueprints and learn how to create items from tools to furniture. Find energy orbs to create power-up items. Harvest veggies, flowers, and plants to use in recipes, and use the sewing machine to tailor outfits for your Tama friends! 

Clean the planet

Trash can be found everywhere… even on the Tamagotchi Planet! Cans, food scraps, glass bottles, plastic bags. And it’s in your hands to make sure that they find their place in Risaikikaitchi, the recycling machine and turn them into materials for crafting. And don’t forget to use your rescue rod to save the fish trapped in trash in lakes, rivers, and seas; these little guys really need your help! 

Through this feature, Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom wants to be more than just a crafting experience; as environmental responsibility is a core tenet of the Bandai Namco values, that responsibility is reflected within the gaming world and the items you create (and hopefully use!). By collecting and recycling virtual waste, you will contribute to restoring the in-game environment, mirroring the real-world need for sustainability and ecological balance.  

Every tama-step is a new adventure! 

So, are you ready to embark on this whimsical journey? Head to Apple Arcade now and step into the charming world of Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom

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Bandai Namco Mobile

Published: 09 January, 2024

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