The Nightmares Return: Very Little Nightmares+ Launches on Apple Arcade 

The award-winning Little Nightmares franchise is all about solving puzzles, exploring dark environments, and facing terrifying foes. Very Little Nightmares+ takes this formula and condenses it into a new original bite-sized mobile adventure that is both haunting and delightful.  

Very Little Nightmares+ is a standalone experience, focusing on one The Girl In The Yellow Raincoat and based on the award-winning Little Nightmares franchise. It is a fresh experience for both newcomers and a deep dive into the lore of the franchise for fans of the series.

In fact, Very Little Nightmares has already won several awards for its outstanding design and gameplay. The game won Best on Play Pass in the Google Play Best of 2022 Awards, and Best Innovative Game in 2020. It was also nominated for Best Audio and Best Art Direction! Official recognition from the gaming community has helped cement the franchise as one of Bandai Namco’s most successful properties: Little Nightmares games have sold over 12 million copies worldwide!

In Very Little Nightmares+, you play as the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat, who finds herself trapped in a mysterious mansion, the Nest, full of dangers and secrets. To escape, you'll need to use your wits and agility to avoid traps, solve puzzles, and outsmart the Nest's eccentric inhabitants.

Of course, you won’t be alone, as friendly Nomes, strange tiny creatures, will also appear during your adventure to help you out. And maybe you will encounter new friends on your way, like the mysterious Red Scarf Kid, or even old acquaintances...

But be warned, Very Little Nightmares is not for the faint-hearted. From the eerie sound effects to the spine-tingling music and unique art style that supports 2D characters and objects, the game is designed to keep you on edge and make your heart race.

It's the perfect blend of horror and puzzle-solving that will keep you hooked from start to finish.

So, whether you’re a die-hard Little Nightmares fan or just looking for a new mobile adventure, Very Little Nightmares+ is the game for you. And the best part? Very Little Nightmares+ is already available on Apple Arcade. So, grab your iPhone or iPad, head to the Apple Arcade Store, and start your adventure today!

Play it on Apple Arcade:

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Bandai Namco Mobile

Published: 04 May, 2023

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The Nightmares Return: Very Little Nightmares+ Launches on Apple Arcade

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